Why are Jeffrey Epstein’s documents appearing now?

I had previously followed the news of Jeffrey Epstein in 2016 and his connections with international Zionism. He was a man known for organizing orgies in the United States, and his name was linked with underage girls. Many well-known fashion models, such as those from Victoria’s Secret, Victoria Silvstedt, Naomi Campbell, and other renowned celebrities, were associated with this man, and he was in possession of secret documents that would be dangerous if disclosed. 

Even that former Prime Minister Ehud Barak used to visit Epstein’s island frequently, not with the intent of engaging in sexual relations with underage girls and models, but rather to obtain secret documents so that he could exert control and gain leverage over world leaders by threatening to publish their sexual scandals. This man’s name was not only linked with Western and international figures but also with Arab names, including Arab businessmen.

The big question today is: Why are Jeffrey Epstein’s documents coming back into the spotlight now after it was claimed that Epstein had committed suicide? The answer is simple. It has nothing to do with Epstein himself. He is merely a pawn and a tool in the hands of Zionism, which has become a moral and human embarrassment, threatening the world on moral, human, and intellectual levels.

What I am interested in discussing in this regard is to clarify an issue that the international media is trying to conceal and distort its course. The publication of the Epstein documents aims to entangle a number of officials and presidents and prevent them from pursuing justice regarding Palestine and revealing the truth about Zionist crimes that are kept silent in the West through blackmail operations, exposing sexual secrets involving minors, and implicating them in matters of pornography.

In conclusion, the issue extends far beyond Epstein himself. It concerns the image of Israel, which is scrambling to save face in front of Western public opinion. The goal is to pressure, confuse, and manipulate the viewer’s mind and distract them from fundamental issues by employing all forms of manipulation and falsifying facts through various means of deception, blackmail, and scandal exposure, with the aim of diverting attention from reality.