VIDEO-Interview with Enes Bayrakli, director of the European Report on Islamophobia

We interviewed Enes Bayrakli, director of European studies of the Seta Foundation and editor of the annual European Report on Islamophobia who explained the current state of affairs of Muslims in various European countries. Here’s what he told us about Islamophobia in Europe and how to deal with it.


In the interview conducted by Sabri Ben Rommane, Bayrakli tackles the question of the causes and effects of Islamophobia in Europe and analyses some case studies such as the Austrian and French one. For Bayrakli, Islamophobia is something pervasive and for which governments bear a great deal of responsibility.

Despite the efforts of civil society, it is from governments that the impetus must come to stop the hatred that has brutally targeted Muslims.

Why is Islamophobia not seen as an emergency and what is the role of the media in spreading hatred against Muslims? Bayrakli responds to these questions by giving a perspective full of energy and food for thought and by calling governments and the EU to address this danger that has taken the same direction as the anti-Semitism of the last century.