Israel cannot occupy Gaza and all the regional powers do not want to get involved: Interview with analyst Stefano Deleidi

What are the prospects for Israel’s war on Gaza? We asked Sefefano Deleidi CEO at CD LLC International Strategic Consulting a US based firm with global connections and Business Strategy Consultant at Strategy International a Cyprus based Think Tank

Do you think Israel will be able to occupy the entire Gaza strip and finish Hamas?

A military operation with the objective to occupy Gaza Strip would be a very expensive mission in term if casualty on both side and I hardly see Israel having any appetite for more casualties despite the outrage to the initial massacre of Israeli and foreign citizen on Oct 7th. I personally do not see any reason for Israel to get in such hornet nest and the IDF knows best then get involved im a urban warfare and occupation to follow.

What impact will this war have on the Middle East and do you think Hezbollah and other parties will join the war?

Despite the inflammatory statement by some of the regional players I think everyone is well aware of the catastrophic consequence of a full open conflict between regional states. Most likely harassment by state actor through proxy group like Hezbollah will continue.

The region is indeed in a high state of alert and tension but much is sponsored by leaders who have other domestic issues which with this crise find ways to divert their domestic dissent.   

Do you believe that the West support of Israel in this war will change if the scenes of dead Palestinian civilians affect the public opinion in these countries?

I think there is some major confusion or intentional distortion of the so called “Western support” of Israel. Every leader who has visited of publicly spoke about the current human tragedy has condemned the violence and requested restrain. Yes western and non western countries had indicated Israel has the right to defend itself but have asked to Tel Aviv governament to avoid civilian casualties while dealing with the authors of Oct 7th terrorist acts.

I believe this is not a football match and it is profoundly wrong to take size like we have witness on TV until now. The public and political leader who wish to see this tragedy stopped must walk all together and not stand apart flying the flags or spreading speeches in support on one side or the other. The world has seen enough brutality on both side and we know that nothing ever came from violence and nothing will ever come.    

Do you think this war will be a blow to the state solution?

No I think all actors in the region and international actors are all to aware of the devastating consequence of a war, and only a madman will imitate a regional conventional or nuclear confrontation.

How do you see the political future of Netanyahu?

He is finished. His policy and his credibility was based on security which he clearly did not delivered. Moreover the Israeli society has in vast majority opposed his domestic and Internstimsl policy and I do believe as soon weapons will stop firing, his government  will resign and Israel will elect a far more reasonable PM to navigate to get the country out of this tragedy to find a true and lasting solution to this 75 year conflict. I also believe it is time that regional leaders, without external powers involvement, should sit with Israel and map a vision and strategy forward for a peaceful coexistence like European did after two world wars that costed almost 100.000.000 life’s.