Ambassador Luca Attanasio was a Muslim? He’s a martyr, the Imam says

The Italian ambassador in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Luca Attanasio, killed in an attack against a convoy of the United Nations in Kanyamahoro, about twenty kilometers from the city of Goma, had given testimony of faith (shahada) during his stay in Morocco as General Consul of Italy in Casablanca, the Italian diplomat had also adopted the name Amir.

The news has been confirmed to La Luce by reliable sources close to the family.

The Italian Muslims are committed to send their condolences and to make them feel their closeness both to the institutions and to the families of Attanasio and Vittorio Iacovacci. To this end, both the national organization and the local communities of Brianza, first of all the one in Limbiate, are taking action.

When asked about the story of Ambassador Attanasio, Baraa Al Obeidi, Imam of the Maria Mosque in Milan (Cascina Gobba) clarified that Luca Attanasio must be considered for all intents and purposes a martyr, according to the Islamic definition, because he was killed as innocent and because he was killed as part of his humanitarian commitment.

Some Islamic communities they celebrated on Friday the Salat al ghaib, the prayer for the deceased in his absence for Attanasio and for his driver Mustapha Milambo and they attended today his funeral in Limbiate, his hometown.

Luca Attanasio, a 43 years old diplomat originally from Limbiate, in the province of Monza and Brianza, lost his life in an attack that took place on February 22, 2021 while he was travelling in a car that was part of a Monusco convoy (the UN mission to stabilise the Democratic Republic of Congo).

The area borders with Uganda and Rwanda and many rebel and criminal groups operate there, including the Hutus of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda at war with the government in Kigali and Lord’s Resistance Army, a bloodthirsty Ugandan armed Christian group led by Joseph Kony; for this reason the responsibility of the attack has not yet been ascertained.

In the bloody kidnapping attempt, a young military man, Vittorio Iacovacci, 30 years old, and the driver Mustapha Milambo, working for the World Food Program, were also killed.

Luca Attanasio had been in charge of the Italian Consulate in Casablanca in 2010 and in the North African country he had met his wife Zakia Seddiki, an activist for women and children human rights, from their marriage three girls were born.

In 2017 Attanasio was appointed ambassador in Kinshasa and in Congo Zakia founded the NGO Mama Sofia that helps thousands of Congolese street children, the couple in fact considered humanitarian work a real mission and they were absolutely committed, as all the friends and collaborators of Luca Attanasio and Zakia Seddiki have told in the past few days.

Italy loses one of its great servants and a great man who honored the country and its role, in the best possible way. In truth, we belong to God and to Him we shall return.